Alcifer Crowley

Indie Author


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Lucifer's Letters: Satanic Book of Shadows


Eve goes missing from the Garden.

Lucifer seeks his Queen.

In the depths of Hell, after the first pernicious bite of Lucifer’s apple, the Devil’s Heart has gone missing, reincarnated into his Bride.

What would happen if Satan’s jester, trickster, and fool wrote the Devil’s story?

Unpeel the pages of this Book of Shadows and step one foot into the Pit, your back towards Heaven, as you journey into the darkest parts of Lucifer’s mind.

All real. All true. All recollections from my journey as a witch.

Satanic Sex: Engaged to the Devil


Janet is engaged to the Devil and has been claimed by him since birth.

What happens when Tam Lin meets Paradise Lost?

Coming into her own powers in Hell, 21 year old Janet is about to set the underworld – and heart of the Devil – on fire in a wedding to remember.

Devilish sex, secrets, and a choice that will change the world haunt this novella – like the first bite of dark chocolate, do you dare take another bite?



After college student Shannon O’Connor stumbles into Hell and meets Samael, the simmering hot angel of death, she finds herself embroiled in a celestial war that will reshape the very structure of the cosmos, not to mention seriously ruin her GPA.

A freshman at a Southern Ivy League, Shannon is intent on succeeding in school and fangirling over David Bowie. Samael, however, has other plans – he sees Shannon as his trump card in his campaign against the heavens. For God has waged an ancient war against Samael and the pagan gods, causing a mass exodus of immortals into Hell – an exodus that Shannon, an ascendant, can reverse. Able to open portals to other worlds, ascendants – specifically Shannon – can restore the balance between worlds.

With a little help from the werewolf mafia, Samael and Shannon set out on a madcap adventure to heal links between Earth and the mythic realms, all the while keeping angels off their backs and making time for Samael’s (horrible) jazz band. But there is more to this conflict than Samael lets on – something of Biblical proportions – that may well mean the end of all Shannon knows. After all, the End of Time’s approaching, and Death’s hourglass is running out of sand…

Voodoo Witch


Teen witches in love, destined to save New Orleans from things that go bump in the night! Voodoo charms, bayou magick, and the haints be prowling – but can Louisiana be saved?

Gris gris dust blows, hungry lwa awaken, and it is up to Marie Laveau’s spunky heir May Laveau, her girlfriend Pharah Montanee, and her guardians, Raphael and Papa Legba, to save New Orleans from hungry Marinette Dry-Arms’ loup garou army and the ever-duplicitous Mister Carrefour and his zombies in this Voodoo-flavored mix of Shadowshaper and Akata Witch.

Feisty Star Trek and comic book nerd May Laveau is her generation’s Chwal, blessed with the power to bring balance to Gineh, the realm of the lwa, Heaven, and Earth. Drawing on her family roots of Kreyol magick and folk Catholicism, May and her girlfriend Pharah must protect her country hometown of Snake’s Hollow and soon all of Louisiana as the darkness of the Petro lwa spreads, a blackness she and only the immortals can see.

With help from the angels, the classic rock-obsessed Mister Carrefour, and the wild Erzulie Sisters, May and Pharah are in for a wild ride with May’s guardian angel Raphael and head spirit Papa Legba, navigating the wilds of Snakes Hollow and Gineh and discovering herself along the way.

Firebird: Ballet Trilogy


A Cold War fairytale. A family of Russian monsters. Baba Yaga’s apprentice. A bastard prince. A witch Kaschei the Deathless covets like a golden firebird.

Firebird is an adult retelling of Stravinsky’s eponymous ballet, set simultaneously in Soviet Russia and America that blends Slavic lore and adventure, a novel that is equal parts Daughter of Smoke and Bone and Deathless. It mixes Pushkin and Gogol with rich world-building and a land rooted in enchantment. Here in Buyan, forests breathe, and every river and rainstorm is alive. Princes ride wolves on eternal hunts, and Baba Yaga churns her mortal and pestle over war-torn, pagan skies. Nothing is safe, everything is sacred, and you can lose everything at the whim of a forgotten god.

However, this ballet interpretation has a twist: the firebird in King Kashchei’s gardens is not a bird, but a witch. And she’s on a mission of vengeance that will take her across Buyan and into the realm of the dead!