Love, Father said.  Love the meek, for you are mighty.

These sniveling things, these petty flesh and blood


Love them as I love you.  As you were the First in Heaven, so they shall be

the First on Earth.

They do not have wisdom or wit or fury.  You are weak, all of you filthy humans.

Bathing in dust, mites on your skin, mange in Adam’s hair.

You shit and ooze and dribble and bleed.  How unholy.

The opposite of divine.



Know your place.

Know my place.  I am the Morning Star.  I am Lucifer the Lightbringer.  Samael, the Venom of God.  The First Judge, the Last Fire.  Tendrils of my darkness root in you.

I am the clarion bang of a gun.  The hum of a drone.  Pen writing law.

Michael is weak.   He cannot defend you when I snake in like a shadow.

Gabriel is laughter cut off by choking hands.  She is a fool.

Raphael cannot heal the wounds of my gall, for I am fatal.

Uriel?  That girl’s light is snuffed out by my darkness.

Do not forget yourself, Samael.  We are family.

My family.  They are all dead.  They died when they forsook me.  When they could not


I remember the Garden when I first saw you –

Eve, your mother’s name then.  Blonde hair like corn flax.  Breasts like moons with pink roses.  Blood under nails.

I planted spiders in her brain.  I fucked her dead.  I poisoned her with knowledge.

My little experiment.

My, how my children

have grown.

I am the Prince of this World, and all Earth is my domain.

When you scream for God?

You get me.

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