Judex Crederis

“Stop your bitching. It’s business, Samael. Pure, sheer work of god. We’re men of the book, after all.”

“You kill her, and I’ll scythe your butt-buddy Gabe to shiny little bits.”

Michael said nothing, gaze stony. Samael hesitated, drawing a quick breath.

“Now Michael, I know we’ve had our falling outs in the past. But I have a little offer that might just interest you.”

Silence. His golden lips open, voice like thunder.

“I’m listening.”

“We’re men of the world, brother. We know what’s coming. Let’s say, theoretically, that we cast our lots together. “

“A radical proposition.”

“Radical times, the world in flames- Michael, we’ve been here before. But let’s say we feed this fire together, or together, put it out, instead of incessantly thwarting each other. Damn equilibrium to hell! Let chaos reign. There would be many benefits to reap from it.”

“Once more, you care nothing for others, brother. I am justice, law. You are wickedness, selfish desire, and blind as the cratered moon.”

“I am judgement, Michael. Do not forget that.”

“Is that so, Samael? You still delude yourself that you are holy, worthy of redemption?” Michael smiled- not a true smile, never true- but a cold tilt of the lips completely devoid of warmth. “You have nothing in your heart. I ripped it from you. How could you possibly love? You do not love; you comprehend nothing. Your truths are twisted lies.” Michael moved closer, like a lion towards a snake. “Without a heart, your words mean nothing. I will never stand with you.”

Samael narrowed his eyes, fire flashing in their unfathomable depths.

“It was never my heart to begin with,” he whispered, voice like nails under stone.

For the first time in centuries, Michael’s face shadowed with emotion. The fading whisper of…

“What?” he said, voice like cracking ice.

Samael smirked, dark laughter rising from the bowels of his throat. “Kill the girl, Michael. Kill her, and you lose all you have fought for.”

“Spit it out, Samael.”

“Why should I? I have nothing to gain by telling you. You will not play along with me, brother. So be it. But fate- it is tied by blood. Is that not right, Lightbearer?”

Michael pinned Samael with his glacial gaze. The depths of Sheol stared back.

“I am nothing like you, Samael.”

“Not yet, brother. I am the darker reflection. But mirrors can be reversed. Our wickedest fears come true.”

“Pity the day they do,” Michael said, almost mocking.

Samael sneered. “Gravity is undeniable, brother-

and even the brightest apples fall…”

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