The Shadow King

A nightmare. I wake up to the quiet whisper of my alarm. Clicking it off, I open sleep-kissed eyes, caught between dreams and the stillness of the room. Another day with the promise of spring- I watch light pour through the windowshade, expecting the golden light of dawn. But the sunlight is pale and sickly,Continue reading “The Shadow King”

Judex Crederis

“Stop your bitching. It’s business, Samael. Pure, sheer work of god. We’re men of the book, after all.” “You kill her, and I’ll scythe your butt-buddy Gabe to shiny little bits.” Michael said nothing, gaze stony. Samael hesitated, drawing a quick breath. “Now Michael, I know we’ve had our falling outs in the past. ButContinue reading “Judex Crederis”

Holy Grail

The Phoenix has fled, the Phoenix has fled She carried the Heart in her breast. The evening, it burns, the firmament turns Death weeps for the void in his chest.

Zmei Gorynych

The witches take flight, our coven flying over the sea in a ship of brooms meant to harvest the ocean. Baba Yaga, my witch mother, is at the helm, and she calls me Latke as a nickname – I ate too many potatoes, I am assuming. “My child, we are the wind and rivers givenContinue reading “Zmei Gorynych”

The Maiden

She’s got moonglow tits that bob in night waters, perfect round globes like curled-up white rabbits with black peaks of areola and gray nipples because she’s all poison and ebony eyes and milky skin. She’s curled up in my closet in a nest fit for the Zu bird and sweet seraph curses and she crowsContinue reading “The Maiden”

The Cleansing

Blood runs through the streets. Angels awaken along the watchtower. We summon the seraphim. The destroying angels awaken. Curses burn our shields. Servants of the Beast try to slaughter us. Everything is on fire. I would mourn if there was time. My allies are wounded – still, they rush into battle, brandishing prayers, weapons, andContinue reading “The Cleansing”


“Oil and maggots,” Samael says as he appears to me in a lake like Walden Pond, surrounded by autumn foliage, the beautiful cabin on the lake surrounded by late flowers and herbs. We sit in the dirt by the shore, watching geese fly above. “What?” I ask. “Turpentine oil cleanses maggots from wounds, but maggotsContinue reading “Walden”


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