Dances with Tricksters

Welcome to my website! I’m Allie Nelson, a poet, author, writer, and academic, who dabbles in the occult, FIRE movement, and cooking delicious meals! My work has appeared everywhere from Apex Magazine to FunDead Publications, to Sudden Deouement to Eternal Haunted Summer, and I even have bylines in POWER Magazine, Renewable Energy World, and an academic paper in Frontiers in Health Communication. I’m a 28 year old girl living in the burbs of D.C. with my adorable liberal Ron Swanson and a little PTSD rescue Maltiepoo. Welcome to my site!

Latest from the Blog

The Shadow King

A nightmare. I wake up to the quiet whisper of my alarm. Clicking it off, I open sleep-kissed eyes, caught between dreams and the stillness of the room. Another day with the promise of spring- I watch light pour through the windowshade, expecting the golden light of dawn. But the sunlight is pale and sickly,…

Last Prayers of a Sumerian Herder

The Watchers are coming! The Watchers are coming! Hide your women- The Watchers are coming! Oh Yahweh, please spare my cows From those bloody Nephelim brats- Hot damn. It’s Azazel There go my daughters… -Last Prayers of a Sumerian Herder Samyaza is stalking me again Oh Ishtar, make him stop! He’s strange and uncouth and…

Judex Crederis

“Stop your bitching. It’s business, Samael. Pure, sheer work of god. We’re men of the book, after all.” “You kill her, and I’ll scythe your butt-buddy Gabe to shiny little bits.” Michael said nothing, gaze stony. Samael hesitated, drawing a quick breath. “Now Michael, I know we’ve had our falling outs in the past. But…

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