Judex Crederis

“Stop your bitching. It’s business, Samael. Pure, sheer work of god. We’re men of the book, after all.” “You kill her, and I’ll scythe your butt-buddy Gabe to shiny little bits.” Michael said nothing, gaze stony. Samael hesitated, drawing a quick breath. “Now Michael, I know we’ve had our falling outs in the past. ButContinue reading “Judex Crederis”

Lords of Creeping Things

Lucifer and Beelzebub sit in the shade of an apple tree in Hell, holding court over the creeping things. Their muted wings fan out, blemished from the fall with dark spots like a sooty owl, yet no the less imposing and majestic. Their thrones are curling wood and deer bone, and they are dressed inContinue reading “Lords of Creeping Things”

The Black and White Snake

Lucifer, blond as a lion of pride, takes a drag of his cigarette in a cream starched dress shirt with a severe collar, tan slacks, and brown loafers, his hair elegantly unfurling like a newspaper filled with commas and poetry. The smoke veils his office, as he uses an old fountain pen to tally souls,Continue reading “The Black and White Snake”