Lucifer made a pact with Baal Zeboul long ago, before comets thought of falling, and no star had given in to the darkness of their black hole almas, bread of dead never dreamed of, nothing had yielded dust, and humanity was but a pink thing, suckling at the Mother’s teat. “Whatsoever happens to humanity, weContinue reading “Genesis”

Temptation of Christ

Yeshua stripped in the desertwas Caravaggio weaving lightout of shadow, lamb in sin. Satan crept up like nettlesclothed in asps and dirtfor God cursed Him to be wild. (They both ask why He abandonedhis brightest Morning Stars) They spoke under vulture circles –for a moment, for days, for agesSatan beguiling, imploring, He begged. Yeshua wasContinue reading “Temptation of Christ”