Return of a King

He was wreathed in garlands when we left: white anemone, irises, hyacinth and columbine.  All the blooming colors of paradise pressed against his golden brow.  Petals dislodged when he moved, a graveyard angel given life, so perfect he must have been carved of marble.  His skin scintillated like stars in the morning light and theContinue reading “Return of a King”

Lapis Exillis

“Don’t you ever love?” I mock him, that angel of an impenetrable fortress. It is Arab Spring, and his people are lambs to slaughter, fields of the dead, from Egypt to Iraq. “You’re killing them all, malakh ha mavat! You could never love. You’re heartless.” My voice trembles with suffrage. I deny his mercy: heContinue reading “Lapis Exillis”