Last Prayers of a Sumerian Herder

The Watchers are coming! The Watchers are coming! Hide your women- The Watchers are coming! Oh Yahweh, please spare my cows From those bloody Nephelim brats- Hot damn. It’s Azazel There go my daughters… -Last Prayers of a Sumerian Herder Samyaza is stalking me again Oh Ishtar, make him stop! He’s strange and uncouth andContinue reading “Last Prayers of a Sumerian Herder”

Forbidden Fruit

O haughty angel, draped in pride,your wings the breadth of dying light.Whose feathers, wrapped in ells of eyes,span the ages of delight. Appleā€™s taste, as sweet as Fallenthralls the buds of human tongue,and like a mountain, proud and tall,you bend not to the Hells unsung. From bending branch you pluck the stars,dead embers for aContinue reading “Forbidden Fruit”

Temptation of Christ

Yeshua stripped in the desertwas Caravaggio weaving lightout of shadow, lamb in sin. Satan crept up like nettlesclothed in asps and dirtfor God cursed Him to be wild. (They both ask why He abandonedhis brightest Morning Stars) They spoke under vulture circles –for a moment, for days, for agesSatan beguiling, imploring, He begged. Yeshua wasContinue reading “Temptation of Christ”