Lucifer couldn’t remember much. Michael’s sword, cutting his heart out of his chest, then that very heart squeezed like a bloody ruby after extraction, a face being crushed into the dirt, his light faltering with every wounded pulse of the aorta. Michael, he was crying emeralds, his flaming hair curling into furious tendrils, the heatContinue reading “Pandemonium”

The Black and White Snake

Lucifer, blond as a lion of pride, takes a drag of his cigarette in a cream starched dress shirt with a severe collar, tan slacks, and brown loafers, his hair elegantly unfurling like a newspaper filled with commas and poetry. The smoke veils his office, as he uses an old fountain pen to tally souls,Continue reading “The Black and White Snake”

Unholy Communion

Sister Philadelphia lit the candles in the vestibule and inhaled the rich incense wafting from the church.  The pews were empty, and darkness yawned across the altar, its maw stretching up to the crucifix where an impaled Savior grinned arcanely at his dismemberment.   The flames drew out the stained glass window and outside, an earlyContinue reading “Unholy Communion”