Sparrows Always Fly Starwards

We live in a small town, where old wives sit and gossip on the porch, and the corn stalks sway in the Tennessee whiskey wind. I’m out picking cornflowers with Clara Sweetwaters, the town homecoming queen, but secretly as big a nerd as I am. Where I am curves, she is petite and doll-like, asContinue reading “Sparrows Always Fly Starwards”

Temptation of Christ

Yeshua stripped in the desertwas Caravaggio weaving lightout of shadow, lamb in sin. Satan crept up like nettlesclothed in asps and dirtfor God cursed Him to be wild. (They both ask why He abandonedhis brightest Morning Stars) They spoke under vulture circles –for a moment, for days, for agesSatan beguiling, imploring, He begged. Yeshua wasContinue reading “Temptation of Christ”